Do Not Prefer Flash Animated Websites

Flash movies are a popular way to make web sites more compelling. They are useful if you want to impress your web site visitors or if you offer web design services.

Unfortunately, if you use Flash movies, or if you even design, your complete web site based on the Flash technology, your odds of being listed in the search engines are greatly reduced.

Search engines can only “see” pure text. They are not able to recognize text on an image or text that appears as a graphic in a Flash movie.
Google advises on its webmaster guidelines page:

“If fancy features such as Flash keep away from seeing all of your site in a text browser, then search engine spiders may have trouble crawling your site”

When You are Thinking to Create a Flash Website, Please Keep Following things in Mind:

  • [1]. Mostly visitors still use slow dial-up connections to access web pages and they don’t like to wait 1-2 minutes only to see your fancy animated company logo.
  • [2]. Your Flash movies must carry invaluable information to the visitors, otherwise they will be disappointed.
  • [3]. Entry pages that only show your company logo are becoming more and more annoying to users.
  • [4]. Using web pages like company brochures only shows that your company didn’t get the whole Internet Idea.
  • [5]. Keep in mind that not everyone has installed the Flash player.
  • [6]. Always add a link to a web page that contains the same important information as found in the Flash movie in plain text.

do not use flash website Do Not Prefer Flash Animated Websites

For these reasons, Not using Flash is the easiest ways to make sure that your web site visitors and the search engines can Easily access your web site.

Tips: Do not create Flash Animated Website.

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