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website maintenance2 Website Maintenance

We are search engine optimization and website designing company; provide website design, custom web development, search engine optimization, ecommerce web development, website redesign, website maintenance at affordable price.

Website maintenance is really essential for keeping your site fresh, appealing and up to date.

Without consistent and regular website maintenance, your website will become a static site and will neither help you in develop your business. Your website is 365x7x24 live customer service executive so it should be informative and up to date with all required information.

The problem that most business owner faces is finding enough time to up to date their website contents and features. At Ingenious website solution, we maintain your website at affordable price.

We are offering following features on Website Maintenance with us:

  1. No longer you have to hire expensive in-house web developer to keep your website updated. Will save your lot of money.
  2. Keep tracking proper functioning of website.
  3. Keep your site working 24x7x365.
  4. Updating site with latest add-ons.
  5. Proper traffic generation on your website.
  6. Special, promotional pages addition.
  7. On demand, addition of extra site pages.
  8. On demand, addition of mailers.
  9. Removal of bugs from your website.
  10. Rectification of broken links.
  11. Images and content updation.
  12. New web application implementation.
  13. Removing unwanted codes from your website.

For website maintenance please follow following instructions:

  1. If you are in website maintenance contract with us, then please don’t touch any source code on your website.
  2. No responsibility for server downtime.
  3. Images and contents for updation should be provided by you.
  4. Any new application development on your website will cost extra.
  5. Addition of new software / module will cost extra.
  6. Addition of extra feature, which require us to purchase / hire will cost to you.

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